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       Thank you for visiting my site! As most of you are aware I have been selling my paintings for many years. With the current state of our 

social climate I have changed the way I conduct my regular business and have relocated my studio to Amarillo, Texas. I am currently working on

new paintings and will resume my regular shows as soon as I am able. Like many artists I have experienced a huge change and am dependant 

upon the ever-changing climate for art shows, festivals, gun shows and if and when they are happening. 

             After many years of selling my paintings and also sterling silver and gemstone jewelry in galleries I have owned,  I have for the past 5

years closed my gallery and have participated in shows every weekend all over the state of Texas. With the onslaught of the pandemic in March, 

most of those shows have been cancelled. I am eagerly awaiting their return! Please let me know if anything on my site catches your attention

and I will get back to you as soon as possible. Remember also that some of my pieces are available in print. All of my contact information may be

found on the contact tab to the left. 


                      Thanks again for your interest!




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Now for the good stuff...the paintings! Rather than boring you with a whole string of accolades and prestigious lists of where my paintings have been shown for the last 20 years, and who the brilliant people are who have purchased them, I think I'll just spend a minute telling you what I'm all about. That's really what you want to know anyway. Who is this guy?
As a painter, I am largely self-taught. Ok, let me clarify that...I am an artist who has studied techniques and theories and experimented with many different mediums for many years, but not in a university setting. I have attended workshops and studied the masters whose works I most admire. I have studied color theory with other artists whose work has impressed me, and as one of those artists once told me, if you want to be a great artist, yes, talent is a part of it, but you also have to paint every day, find your own medium, make big mistakes, paint some really bad paintings, but learn from every one you paint. It didn't take long for me to realize the I believed her...and I still paint every day.
My medium of choice is acrylic, primarily on canvas. Paintings are composed in layers of color, sometimes with a brush, sometimes with a knife, and sometimes using a combination of both. I have developed my own style over the years which I think comes through regardless of whether I'm working in realism, abstract, or impressionism. Each of these styles of painting excite me, get my motor running, if you will, and I will probably never become one of those artists who paints the exact same thing over and over...As long as my work remains exciting to me, then I will always be happy with the result.  You'll have to decide for yourself after seeing the images on the next few pages if you agree. I am seasoned enough to know that not everyone is going to appreciate my work the same way, and basically that some people like apples and some people like oranges...By the way...I like grapes.
I love to paint places....landscapes, a favorite lake or stream, a beautiful old barn, a great stretch of beach....basically about any place that brings me peace or a chance to remember a special time or place in my life. I also love commissioned painting, where I paint one of YOUR special places or memories....I enjoy painting from photographs, so consider the possibilities...it could be a fun venture between you and me.
I have recently started a new project which seems to be taking off like a wildfire...I love to paint on the thicker, gallery wrapped canvas on which I can also paint the edges. In my mind it gives a piece another dimension and more depth,  but the problem for me has always been that these pieces are usually hung without any kind of frame. I have designed a series of sculptured frames which not only accent and highlight the piece, but also become part of the composition. Many of them are designed with open spaces which allows the surroundings and wall color to enrich the mood. You'll find several examples of these on the abstract pages which follow, and I'm thrilled to tell you that I have begun to taylor these designs to my client's tastes. The frames can be made in a number of woods and finishes, and the paintings designed specially for you...hey, if I'm going to design a painting anyway, why not take into consideration your colors of choice? I'm having a ball with it, and a special thanks to my father, Ralph Drake, whose brilliant woodworking skills have made my designs come to life.
My life, my home, and my heart all reside in the small community of Stephenville, Texas, about an hour southwest of the Dallas/Fort Worth metroplex. I consider myself to be extremely blessed to be able to make my living doing what I love the most. I appreciate your interest in my site, and hope you can find a little something you might enjoy in your own home!